Useful things

Matt McLaurine has a complete online index to every word in Finnegans Wake.

Raphael Slepon’s FWEET (Finnegans Wake Extensible Elucidation Treasury) is a huge online collection of notes on the Wake, with a search engine. It includes a large number of digital versions of many of Joyce’s sources for the Wake, including the Annals of the Four Masters, the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, and the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1910-11).

Glosses of Finnegans Wake is a bit like McHugh’s Annotations online. It gives you the Wake a page at a time, with hyperlinked notes.

The James Joyce Scholars’ Collection at U Wisconsin, edited by David  Hayman, includes digital versions of a number of out-of-print classics of Wake scholarship, including:

Here Comes Everybloggy is the blog of the Sydney Finnegans Wake reading group.

If you should ever need a font that will reproduce the sigla from the Wake, you have a choice of two: one from Eric Rosenbloom’s Wake website, and one from Raphael Slepon’s FWEET.

Visual artists on the Wake:

  • Heather Ryan Kelley‘s longterm project is The Midden Heap: a collage for every page of the Wake.
  • Tim Ahern has published illustrations to the first and the last chapters of the Wake.
  • The Folio Society’s edition of the Wake has illustrations by John Vernon Lord. The Guardian has a gallery of them.

You can see a part of Mary Ellen Bute’s 1967 film, Passages from Finnegans Wake on, of course, YouTube:

And you can see the whole 90 minutes of it on UbuWeb.

For the sheer pleasure of it, you just have to see Adam Harvey performing passages from the Wake. Here he is with the ending of the Shem chapter, I.7:


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